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Welcome to WALES BOOKS, an organisation established in 2000 with the aim of publicising Wales and its achievements - Croeso i WALES BOOKS, rydym yn gwmni a chafodd ei sefydlu I ddangos a gwerthu llwyddianau Cymru.

Unfortunately, we no longer publish, after making losses as an independent and unsubsidised publisher over the last decade. However, I (Terry Breverton) am still writing books for other publishers, and my publications are updated here. We would urge you to support independent bookshops, who will order any book for you, or to buy from the Welsh Books Council at www.gwales.com.

Before Wales Books/Glyndŵr Publishing began operations, there were hardly any books promoting Wales from a Welsh perspective, but we have kick-started that genre after a hiatus since World War I. It has been pointed out that many books from subsidised publishers are very similar to our published works, only shorter and more recent. From 1995 I tried desperately to get a Welsh encyclopaedia published, and a bowdlerised version of Breverton’s ‘An A-Z of Wales and the Welsh’ was eventually published in 2000. Some years later, the Academi and Assembly finally subsidised an Encyclopaedia of Wales, printed overseas, by several authors and editors, which is being sold for a disgraceful £64. (Our books were printed in Wales and sold not to make a profit, despite being unsubsidised).

Since 2008 I have been a full-time writer, so have no income to subsidise publishing any longer. Sales are low on books of Welsh interest, and margins small, for instance only 55 copies of the 500 print run of ‘The First American Novel: The Journal of Penrose, Seaman’ were sold, despite it being the work of which I am most proud. I now try to get other publishers to take my works. Amberley (formerly the History Press, and Tempus) is taking my work on Wales, and Quercus is taking my other books. In this period I have written 10 more books, detailed below.

The Illustrated Pirate Diaries: A Remarkable Eye-Witness Account (Apple)
Immortal Words: History’s Most Memorable Quotations etc. (Quercus)
Owain Glyndŵr: The Story of the Last Prince of Wales (Amberley)
Wales: A Historical Companion (Amberley)
Breverton’s Nautical Curiosities: A Book of the Sea (Quercus)
1000 Welsh Heritage Sites (Amberley)
Immortal Last Words (Quercus)
Breverton’s Book of Immortal Orations Vol I 500BCE-1865 (Quercus)
Breverton’s Book of Immortal Orations Vol II 1865 (Quercus)
The Journal of Penrose (Alan Sutton)

Prior to this, the following twenty-three books have been published, sixteen by Terry Breverton: [* = Welsh Book Council ‘Book of the Month’]

An A-Z of Wales and the Welsh (Christopher Davies)
The Secret Vale of Glamorgan (Glyndŵr)
The Book of Welsh Saints (Glyndŵr)
100 Great Welshmen (Glyndŵr)
100 Great Welsh Women (Glyndŵr)
The Path to Inexperience (Glyndŵr)
*The Welsh Almanac (Glyndŵr) *
*The Book of Welsh Pirates and Buccaneers (Glyndŵr) *
Glamorgan Seascape Pathways (Glyndŵr)
Black Bart Roberts – The Greatest Pirate of Them All (Glyndŵr)
*The Pirate Handbook (Glyndŵr) *
Introduction and 3 major poems in 600th anniversary commemorative book on Owain Glyn Dŵr (Y Lolfa)
*Sir Henry Morgan – The Greatest Buccaneer of The All (Glyndŵr)*
100 Great Welshmen (Glyndŵr)
*Welsh Sailors of the Second World War (with Phil Carradice) (Glyndŵr)*
The First American Novel: The Journal of Penrose Seaman etc. (Glyndŵr)
T.D. Breverton has also edited and published for Glyndŵr Publishing:
'The Dragon Entertains', Alan Roderick 2001
'A Rhondda Boy', Ivor Howells 2001
'Glyn Dŵr's War: The Campaigns of the last Prince of Wales' Gideon Brough 2002
'From Wales to Pennsylvania: the David Thomas Story', Dr Peter Williams 2002
‘The Man from the Alamo’ John Humphreys 2004 WH Smith Book of the Month
‘Heroic Science – the Royal Institution of South Wales and Swansea 1835-1865’ Ronald Rees 2005
‘Gringo Revolutionary – The Amazing Adventures of Carel ap Rhys Pryce’ John Humphreys 2005

I really hope to do more with this website over the next few years, as an apolitical force for change in Wales. It has been neglected for some time, for instance the Welsh societies across the world have not been updated owing to time constraints. However, this was the first attempt to put such a database together – something that paid civil servants in the Wales Tourist Board should have done years ago. Some of us have also spent a great deal of time trying to get the wonderful Owain Glyndŵr properly recognised across Wales. Politicians are afraid of cultural nationalism. Politicians have also decided to put utterly massive wind turbines upon his Politicians are afraid of cultural nationalism. Politicians have also decided to put utterly massive wind turbines upon his nationally important and unspoilt Battlefield of Hyddgen, at Nant-y-Moch.

This is the greatest act of vandalism, and destruction, since Trywerin, and again my energies have been taken up with fighting wind farms being set up across Wales. Wales has one remaining industry – tourism. We do not see massive wind-farms in tourist areas of England, such as the Chilterns and Cotswolds, somehow. My new blog, accessible from this website, will start to address such areas of concern – but – and it is a big but – politicians must begin to fight for Wales rather than their own careers and pensions. Unfortunately, to fight for Wales is to fight its elected representatives, both in the case of windfarms and in celebrating Glyndŵr. This author has repeatedly warned Plaid Cymru that its support for windfarms has alienated any of its supporters who understand science and/or economics. Democracy seems to be dying, and the internet is the only remaining outlet of the people’s voice. The website is in the process of being updated – please bear with us.

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