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TRUCKS AT WORK (Terry) David Breverton, Grosset & Dunlap


Grosset & Dunlap, New York




Four children’s pop-up books, Here Comes Dump Truck; Here Comes Tow Truck; Here Comes Fire Truck; Here Comes Bulldozer. These were sold in the USA and hopefully would have been the precursor of a lucrative cartoon series - but - all good plans etc. - the publisher ceased to exist. Fifteen years later I turned to non-fiction, and after several years of trying to attract interest, managed to find a small Welsh publisher to take on my 'The A - Z of Wales and the Welsh'. He retitled it and published it two years later, in 2000 - with a different title, 'An A to Z of Wales and the Welsh' and in a strange format. Being a management consultant by preferred occupation, I realised that I could set up a small publishing company while still in full-time employment, publishing my own works, plus those of others who had also struggled to find a publisher for English-language Welsh non-fiction.

The series titles were:

Here Comes Dump Truck

Here Comes Bull Dozer

Here Comes Fire Truck

Here Comes Tow Truck

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