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THE BEMIS AWARD and LECTURE, given in LINCOLN MASSACHUSETTS 2008 (also published by Pelican USA 2004) The legendary Pembroke man Black Bart Roberts is remembered for bringing transatlantic shipping virtually to a standstill and for commanding multinational crews of freed black slaves and senior pirates who called themselves 'The House of Lords'. 'The Great Pyrate' took over 400 ships in his brief career (the notorious pirates, Blackbeard and Captain Kidd took only 30 between them). ‘However, it is not just the death, destruction and revenges that Breverton’s remarkably concise and fascinating account describes. As he lovingly constructs rivulets of knowledge into the great criminal, the proud figure of the feared, Christian teetotaller becomes ever more apparent. The book gives details of all members of his crew, as well as other key figures in the story, the British navy, slaves and traders, and the reader really feels an affinity with the whole sea-faring scene in those difficult days, and the huge bounty that was available to those brave and vicious enough to grab it...Cataloguing the vast amount of ships, sloops and pinks that were taken or destroyed by the marauding band of rogues over a number of years, amongst other crimes, it would be fair to say that the author leaves no detail or gory incident untouched.' 'Black Bart Roberts is a ‘must’ reading for anyone interested in pirates and American nautical history: first-hand accounts, court documents, and maps accompany a fascinating bit of piratical history on the high seas.’

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