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‘The idea of piecing together a collection of 100 short biographies depicting the men of Wales who over the years have become the country's most celebrated sons, to me seems an inordinately difficult task. However, Breverton seems to have succeeded in 100 Great Welshmen. He has managed to select men from all backgrounds, skills and eras, from Howel Davis, the notorious pirate, who plagued the West coast of Africa during the early 18th century, to David Lloyd George, who was highly instrumental in bringing the First World War to its close. From men of the church, saints and poets to architects, artists to sportsmen, they are all to be found in this volume amounting to over 400 pages. The amount of research that Breverton must have done is mind-blowing – and we, the readers, are the lucky ones, who have only to look at the list of contents to have this information at our fingertips.’ ‘The first edition sold out almost immediately and I had to wait to buy this. Some amazing information in it.’ 'A fascinating compendium of facts and figures covering thousands of years of history, which no collector of books on Wales can overlook.'

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