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Christopher Davies



This important book was featured on BBC Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio Wales 'The World Today', BBC World Service, BBC TV News, ITN News, The World (USA), GMTV etc. with articles in The Daily Mail , The Guardian, National Enquirer, New York Times, Daily Express, The Times, The Sunday Times, French TV and press, the Sidney Morning Herald, Reuters, and online sites across the world. The First Welsh Encyclopaedia’. ‘…highly original … this book is a totally fresh perspective upon Wales, its culture and history, and it is excellent to see it in print…’ - Professor Sir Glanmor Williams CBE FBA. 'It is more than a history book, more than a gazetteer or guide; it is simply a well-crafted reference book to be dipped into often. It will answer many of your questions and certainly compound your interest in all things Welsh.’; ‘fascinating reading… clearly the result of a passionate interest in post-devolution Wales combined with impeccable research.’; ‘Congratulations on 'An A-Z of Wales and the Welsh'; certainly the best book of its type and the first to do genuine justice to our history and achievements. I've always thought it's time the record was put straight, and that such a book is sorely needed.’ - Professor John Davies author of the authoritative A History of Wales

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