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A new and uniquely accessible history of Wales. The respected historian Terry Breverton presents the characters, events, buildings and institutions that have shaped Wales over the ages, from its earliest origins to the present day.’ ‘It would be impossible to overstate or praise too highly Terry Breverton’s contribution as an author of Welsh reference books. The author of the shelf-full of books on a variety of Welsh subjects, his is an astounding and valuable achievement.’  'His latest contribution, Wales – A Historical Companion, takes its place alongside such volumes as 100 Great Welshmen, 100 Great Welsh Women, The Book of Welsh Saints, The Welsh Almanac, Welsh Pirates and Buccaneers, The A-Z of Wales and the Welsh – all of them substantial volumes. No surprise therefore that he is the most frequently named author included in the Welsh Books Council’s Book of the Month Award, and Wales – A Historical Companion is a welcome addition to his 30 published books.’ ‘This book comes in an accessible, comprehensive, illustrated dictionary format and one can open it on any page and find an interesting item… this is a book you should have near to hand.

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