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336 pages

HB Hardback


THE FIRST BIOGRAPHY I urge readers to go and purchase a copy of this biography of the man who is often forgotten in history, yet was fundamental to the build-up and outcome of 1485’ ‘In the Wars of the Roses, Jasper was the only lord who fought from the first battle at St Albans in 1455 to the last at Stoke Field in 148. He lived to forge a new dynasty - the Tudors… Now he could style himself “the high and mighty prince, Jasper, brother and uncle of kings, duke of Bedford and earl of Pembroke”… Without the heroic Jasper Tudor there would have been no Tudor dynasty. This is the first biography of the real 'kingmaker' of British history.’ ‘Breverton for the first time makes sense of the Wars of the Roses for me’ - Margaret Attwood, CH, CC, FRSC, author of The Handmaid’s Tale, holder of fifteen honorary degrees, twice Booker Prize winner. (Also in paperback 336pp 2013)

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