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Glyndŵr Pub




‘A new edition of a celebration of the world-wide contribution of one hundred Welsh men in fields of literature and the arts, politics and religion, philosophy and industry, pioneering and education, sport and entertainment.' [The original 2001 publication was revised in 2006.] ‘From the list of contents Breverton includes Griffith Jones - 'The Man Who Made Wales the Most Literate European Nation'; John Dee - 'Black Jack', 'the Magus of His Age'; Saint Padrig 'The Apostle of Ireland', 'The Most Famous Welshman in the World'; Nennius 'Tne Historian of the Britons' and Robert Owen 'The Founder of Socialism', 'The Most Popular Man in Europe' and Bartholomew Roberts 'Black Bart' 'The Last and Most Lethal Pirate' among scores of fascinating men that make you proud to be Welsh.' ... 'this fantastic volume goes above and beyond with 100 truly awesome histories. From pirates to politicians, from writers to warriors, from rugby legends to rogue religious leaders this book has them all. A must for every Welshman's bookshelf.'

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