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Gwasg Carreg Gwalch




After writing no less than eight books upon pirates and privateers, Breverton has returned to the subject with a book devoted to the Welsh. Black Bart Roberts from Pembrokeshire was by far the most successful pirate in the Caribbean and Atlantic waters, and Admiral Henry Morgan was the greatest privateer of all time, leading six successful expeditions against the most powerful country in the world.’ ‘… this is a [shortened] revised and updated version of his The Book of Welsh Pirates and Buccaneers (2003), which was a Welsh Books Council 'Book of the Month'. One reviewer called it 'an immense work of great scholarship... effectively, a study of the whole genre of piracy... exemplary, yet the writing is light and accessible... wonderful, fascinating detail and essential reading.’

The above is from reviews of my earlier The Book of Welsh Pirates and Buccaneers (see book), and this is a shortened edition. Press reviews have gone AWOL via my 'upgrading' from Windows 10 to 11.

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