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Glyndŵr Pub


Illustrated Paperback


‘A collection of over 120 diverse poems reflecting a socialist philosophy on life presented with bitterness, humour and compassion, combined with a sense of Welsh national pride and the joy of sound friendships and a happy family life’. ‘Magnificent, compassionate and moving’ ‘Terry Breverton is known as a tireless recorder of Welsh achievements in many fields. In this poetry collection, he allows us a glimpse of the tumultuous feelings that drive him. A tortured energy rushes through this book. There is bitter anger, a keen sense of injustice, national pride, compassion, fear of loss. The images whirl. It is good to know that out of this turmoil have come - and are still coming - books so positive in their celebration of Wales, its people, history, religion and arts. His poetry has been recommended by the Nobel Laureate R. S. Thomas and the Poet Laureate Ted Hughes. – Ruth Bidgood, poet, whose biography was published by U.W.P.

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