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IMMORTAL LAST WORDS – HISTORY’S MOST MEMORABLE DYING REMARKS, DEATHBED DECLARATIONS AND FINAL FAREWELLS 384pp hardback illustrated Quercus/Borders hardback (published in Dutch by Kosmos Uigeverij as Onsterfelikje Laatste Woorden de meest bijzondere uitspraken uit de geschiedenis en de verhalen daarachter; published in ‘simplified’ Chinese by Shanghai All-Once Culture Co Ltd; by Maruzen Publishing Co Ltd in Japanese; by Dogus Grubu in Turkish; by Exmo in Russian; by Muza in Polish: -


‘This is a compelling anthology of history’s most memorable dying remarks, Immortal Last Words is a fascinating, diverse collection of history's most uplifting, entertaining and thought-provoking dying remarks and final farewells. The 370 entries in this book have been drawn from some of history's greatest statesmen, poets, scientists, novelists and warriors - the eminent men and women who have shaped events over the last four and a half millennia and whose final recorded words have often inspired great deeds or shed light on the nature of the human condition. There are also entries are from less well- known individuals who did not make such an impact on history but whose dying words are equally noteworthy as they encapsulate the spirit of the times or simply reflect the character of the speaker. And finally, the pages of this book contain the last words of some of most ignoble personalities in history - the monsters and maniacs whose final defiant utterances prompt us to reflect on the nature of evil and man's inhumanity to man. final farewells and inspiring epitaphs. Inspirational and thought-provoking, enlightening and entertaining, each entry is placed in its historical context… Arranged chronologically, each entry is accompanied by explanatory notes of the author and its circumstances.’ ‘Seriously, reading this splendid book will make you happy to be alive.’

THE DAILY MAIL 13 August 2008

Full page article – A LAST WORD BEFORE YOU GO

‘I haven’t felt this well for ages’, said bon viveur Keith Floyd – then promptly dropped dead. And he’s far from the only famous face with a killer exit line – by Marcus Berkmann

For me, one of the more curious aspects of getting older has been an increasing fascination with obituaries. I’m only 50, but already famous people younger than me are starting to keel over, and famous people older than me are obviously all fair game.

Terry Breverton is also of a certain age: his life, if it were a two-volume novel, is comfortably into volume two. Of course you’re going to think about death: it goes with the territory. And how much more comforting and entertaining to think about other people’s rather than your own. Immortal Words, then, is subtitled History’s Most Memorable Dying Remarks, Deathbed Declarations and Final Farewells.

It’s simply but ingeniously structured: on each of 370 pages, in chronological order of demise, there’s a description of the death of a notable person, headed by their immortal last words… so we start with Menkaura, the Egyptian pharaoh who built the third and smallest of the pyramids at Giza. He died in 2480 BC, and on his sarcophagus was the optimistic slogan: ‘Living for ever!’

… Seriously, reading this splendid book will make you happy to be alive.

[There were also full-page reviews in the Oxford Times, Blackpool Gazette, Bournemouth Echo, etc., etc.]

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